2020 Online Season


Linos Piano Trio

The ONLINE 2020 project put us all on a steep learning curve. The decision to go ahead was made in June 2020 and the players were then invited to participate. At that stage everyone was in Lockdown One. They were keen to take part but it took time to work out where and when they could perform together under the Covid-19 rules. By early August we had a list of musicians, most of their repertoire and available dates. This was exciting and gave us all a glimmer of hope at a very upsetting and difficult time.

Riccardo Pes took on the technical side of things: creating a publicity video in collaboration with me; editing videos when they arrived (if necessary); creating thumbnail pictures; uploading the videos (a nerve-wracking process); publicising on Facebook and elsewhere. Thank you again to all those who took part and watched even though it seems a world away now. Catherine Maddocks

20 August
Emily Andrews, flute/voice
David Massey, classical guitars
Francisco Correa, classical guitars

24 August
Solem Quartet
William Newell, violin
Amy Tress, violin
Stephen Upshaw, viola
Stephanie Tress, cello

27 August
Mariela Shaker, violin
Riyad Nicolas, piano

3 September
Colin Scobie, violin
Manuel Vioque-Judde, viola
Zephyrin Rey-Bellet, cello
Jonathan Fournel, piano

7 September
Savitri Grier, violin
Olivier Robin, violin

10 September
Linos Piano Trio
Prach Boondiskulchok, piano
Konrad Elias Trostmann, violin
Vladimir Waltham, cello

14 September
Askew Sisters
Emily Askew
Hazel Askew
voice and multi-instrumentalists

17 September
Consone Quartet
Agata Daraskaite, violin
Magdalena Loth-Hill, violin
Elitsa Bogdanova, viola
George Ross, cello

21 September
Katharine Dain, soprano
Sam Armstrong, piano

24 September
Emma Halnan and Eblana String Trio
Jonathan Martindale, violin
Lucy Nolan, viola
Peggy Nolan, cello

28 September
Pelléas Ensemble
Henry Roberts, flute
Luba Tunnicliffe, viola
Oliver Wass, harp

1 October
Jubilee Quartet
Tereza Privratska, violin
Julia Loucks, violin
Lorena Cantó Woltèche, viola
Toby White, cello

5 October
Trio Klein and Yuki Negishi, piano
Kamila Bydlowska, violin
Shiry Rashkovsky, viola
Riccardo Pes, cello

8 October
Stephen Upshaw, viola

12 October
Alasdair Beatson, piano

15 October
Naomi Burrell, violin
Gavin Kibble, gamba
David Gerrard, harpsichord

19 October
Fenella Humphreys, violin
Cara Berridge, cello
Daniel Grimwood, piano

22 October
Ferio Saxophone Quartet
Huw Wiggin
Ellie McMurray
Anthony Brown
Katie Samways


The Askew Sisters